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‘We need to focus towards research for the basic principle validation of Ayurveda’

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Madhusudan Chauhan, Director, Jiva Ayurveda spearheads operations at the Jiva Group. In his current role, he leads Marketing, Distribution, Retail, e-Commerce and Clinic Operations. He has been instrumental in exponentially increasing Jiva’s nationwide clinic and market presence. By leveraging latest technology he has made authentic Ayurveda easily available to the masses. Mr Chauhan has infused Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence with traditional Ayurveda to deliver high quality treatment and care at Jiva Ayurveda.


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Team Ayurved Sutra

Team Ayurved Sutra

Ayurved Sutra is a fact perfect experiential journey. It is an engagement with one’s self in the light of collective wisdom of the east, abreast with latest and worthy scientific trends and researches. Team Ayurved Sutra reports latest happenings in the area of life sciences, wellness, new age trends, society and business of life.