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Where Science Meets Consciousness

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Ayurvedsutra Vol 03 issue 05 122 a - Where Science Meets Consciousness

Planets play a very important role in our lives as they influence are day to day activities. Focusing on facilitating healing at a deeper level by understanding their effect on all aspects of life, as understood by Ayurveda and allied Indian knowledge systems and exploring holism in greater detail, 5th Ayurveda International Conference was held at Vaidyagrama Ayurveda Healing Village, Coimbatore. Shruti Prabhakar reports



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Team Ayurved Sutra

Team Ayurved Sutra

Team Ayurved Sutra is dedicated to bring you latest information regarding the Science of life, Wellness industry, Innovations,Experiments, Holistic health issues, overall living and positivity in life. AS try to cover all the aspects of Body, mind and soul.