The Tao Mystery Destiny, Violence and Beyond

There has always been an ongoing debate between the theists and the atheists, and the scientists and the spiritualists for and against the concept of destiny, karma and free will. And there has never been any conclusive argument that all

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TEQ Triguna Energy Quotient and tamasic guna

The Triguna Energy Quotient (TEQTM) is structured as a personlity test designed to discover one’s guna composition. This personality quotient is derived from attributes of these gunas as given in chapter 13 to chapter 18 of Bhagwat Gita. After more

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Matter & Spirit

Krisna gives the analogy of the field and says – The body is the ksetra, field. Know Me as the ksetrajna, Knower-of-field in all fields. He divides the field, matter, into thirty-one segments. The Spirit is different from them. Children enjoy playing

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The Healing Desert

Moonlight climbed sandstone walls bringing with it the thought of Steve’s refrain: I need to go to the desert. I had heard the urgency in his voice, but I refused to hear the truth in his words. I had scoffed

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Serenity Surrender: Recognising the Karma

Serenity Surrender (SS) is a healing therapy that facilitates recognising the karma that we carry that is currently manifesting as our undesirable situation. The karma resides within us in the form of our subconscious beliefs, and is meant for our

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Reviving Ayurveda through Technology-led Innovation

Ayurveda originated in India thousands of years ago. It is the first recognized holistic health science which cures diseases and heals the body and mind using medicines and therapies based on natural herbs. in this modern age, unrecognized, mutating illnesses,

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The Aura

Depression, anxiety, anger, stress, envy, greed, attachment to material things, and mental unrest are common ailments in the modern age. These psychological disorders lead to the breakdown of healthy cells, destroy anti-aging factors, and cause hormonal imbalances. To engage in

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Dhyāna: The single, unbroken flow

meditation is the uninterrupted flow of one-pointed cognition on a particular object, such as the breath or a mantra, without being drawn to or interrupted by any other cognition. Like so many ancient, spiritual terms that once had clarity and

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Meditation is the easiest process for the human mind, but the narrowest in its results; contemplation more difficult, but greater; self-observation and liberation from the chains of Thought the most difficult of all, but the widest and greatest in its

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How to Control your Thoughts during Meditation?

You complain about a new possibility that has arisen within you, a possibility that an ape, a monkey, or any other creature does not have. Question: Namaskaram. During the practice of kriyas, there is always this challenge of thoughts entering

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