On the Fast Track

So, how do you know that you need to be detoxified? Well, it’s a safe bet, that if you live in an industrialized society, you do. Of course, prevention and clean living is the first resort, but what if the

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The Reawakening of the Goddess

Angie Gonzalez is the founder of Permaculture Yogi: Inspiring inner and outer ecology through regenerative lifestyles by design. A registered Yoga teacher, Ayurvedic practitioner, and Permaculture designer Angieintroduces her philosophy of work. It is the practice of an extraordinary lifestyle

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MIND-ITATION : The Mind’s Medicine

Why meditation is hailed as an anchor to the ship of enlightenment and well being is because it is processed to be a source of spiritual peace across all mediums. But is that the complete picture? It certainly isn’t. Eyes

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Once the merger is complete, nothing is impossible

In every aspect of creation, you will observe polarity. For every positive there exists a negative — day and night, white and black, sound and silence — together they make a whole or poorna. On Shivratri, Shiv and Shakti, two

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Vipassana The Path Of Purity

Satya Narayan Goenka, global Acharya of Vipassana meditation, passed away peacefully at the age of 90 years at his residence in Mumbai on September 29, 2013. Acharya Goenkaji was a teacher of Vipassana meditation in the tradition of the late

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Making a sense of sensations, the Buddha way

The teaching of the Buddha has three basic constituents – Sila (1), Samadhi (2) and Panna (3). These are the fundamental elements of his 45-year teaching mission. Do these three aspects constitute his unique contribution to human civilization? Are these

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Vedana Control Your Craving Through Vipassana

The Buddha, out of his personal experience, found that suffering arises because of the mental habit of craving (tanhatanha). This in itself was not a new discovery, but what was unique to his teaching was that he found a practical

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Thought-based technology (meditation) combined with organic farming method involves creating the awareness of being the subtle conscious being and directing pure energy from the Divine Source to the crops. Balasaheb owned 11 acres of farm land. Originally he was using

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A Little Meditation Goes a Long Way

The researchers have found denser gray matter in the temporo-perietal junction and the posterior cingulated cortex of the meditators’ brains — regions involved in empathy and taking the perspective of someone else — and in the cerebellum, which has been

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