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Aesthetics of the subconscious

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Ayurvedsutra Vol 03 issue 0102 Double Issue 53 - Aesthetics of the subconscious

As we close our eyes and drift off to sleep, something in our mind spins us fanciful tales of wandering in space, eating candies, taking a walk in the park down the street that might be a different planet. Common as they are, there’s a lot of meaning attached to them. Are dreams the work of the imagination, or the work of some reflex in the brain?

I am a dreamer and my dreams are not only colourful, but they are interesting enough to be told. At the same time, I would admit that sometimes they are weird and scary too. They leave me petrified and confused forcing me to speculate for hours and sometimes days. Then are the ones that make me happy and there are days when I don’t see any dream at all or can’t recall if I had seen any. Let’s start the discussion with one of the many dreams that invaded my sleep.

It was like any another day, but that night made my blood run cold. I saw myself staring outside from my balcony when I saw Goddess Kali standing in front of my apartment building. She looked into my eyes and smiled. I had never seen a woman as beautiful as her ever. Thereafter, I ran to open the front door where she stood with a pleasant smile on her face. Then for hours I was with her, resting my head on her lap and talking to her, seeking her blessings.



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