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Kalaripayattu – The oldest martial art

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Ayurvedsutra Vol 04 issue 01 10 a - Kalaripayattu – The oldest martial art

Kalaripayattu is so old, its origins are traditionally attributed to the gods. But as with many aspects of Indian culture, this incredible marital art form comes from none other than Agastya Muni.

Kalari is probably the oldest martial art form on the planet. These martial art forms were essentially taught by Agastya Muni to start with because martial arts are not just about kicking and punching or stabbing. It’s about learning to use the body in every possible way. So it not only involves exercise and other aspects of agility, it also involves understanding the energy system. There is Kalari chikitsa and Kalari marma which involves knowing the secrets of the body and healing the body quickly to keep the body in a regenerative mode. Maybe in today’s world there are very few Kalari practitioners who dedicate enough time, energy and focus, but if you go deep enough you will naturally move towards yoga because anything that came from Agastya cannot be any other way than being spiritual. It’s just another dimension, another dimension, another dimension – every possible way of exploration.



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