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What is not Organic: Standards, Certification & Fraud

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Growing consumer demand for healthy and nutritious food products has seen an unprecedented rise in the sale and consumption of organic food products globally as consumers believe that organic products are healthier and better for the environment, animals, small farmers as well as the climate.

India ranks fifteenth in terms of World’s Organic Agricultural land as per 2013 data. The total area under organic certification in India was 5.71 million Hectares in 2015-2016. India produced around 1.35 million MT (2015-16) of certified organic products which includes all varieties of food products including Cotton, Pulses, Medicinal Plants, Tea, Fruits, Spices, Dry Fruits etc. Further India also exports a sizeable lot of organic products. The total volume of export during 2015-16 was 2, 63, 687 MT. The organic food export realization was around 298 million USD. Organic products are exported to United States of America, Canada, European Union, Switzerland, Korea, Australia, New Zealand, South East Asian countries, Middle East, South Africa etc.



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