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What is the Purpose of Life?

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Ayurvedsutra Vol 04 issue 0203 17 - What is the Purpose of Life?

If you were very blissful and ecstatic at this moment, would you think, “What is the purpose of life?” – No. Only when in some way, life has become burdensome, these questions arise: “To be or not to be?” “Is there a good enough purpose for me to exist?”

You are trying to find a meaning because your experience of life itself has not become grand and worthwhile enough. If just sitting and breathing was an ecstatic experience for you, you wouldn’t ask, “What is the purpose of life?” Before you ask that question, the most important thing is you need to learn to enhance this life to its maximum potential. Right now, you don’t even know what life is. All you have right now is your body and mind. Make them as pleasant as you can. Only when your physical body and mind are in a state of pleasantness, everything in you works at its best. It is being said that if a human being manages to remain in a continual state of blissfulness for 24 hours, one’s intelligence doubles.



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