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Yoga a Winning over Death

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Study of the Yoga texts, especially the Hatha Yogic ones, makes it clear that this traditional science has given a lot of thought on health and longevity.  It is true that entire system of Yoga aims at winning over death, especially the small deaths that haunt the human beings in the form of physical diseases and mental disorders which sometimes are more agonizing and painful than the final departure. Spiritual purpose of Yoga is to conquer death and achieving immortality.  To live a long life is not just a lofty ideological aim, but a crying need.  This means overcoming premature death. A life lived fully enjoying good health and wellness is certainly a blissful life and is to be coveted. This desire has been echoed in this Vedic prayer—‘jivemasharadahshatam’ (May I live hundred years!).



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