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Brain Gym

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Ayurvedsutra Issue 9 Spring Special073 - Brain Gym

“The whole world was a jungle — sometimes the lions and tigers wore suits.” Biologically, human beings are also animals. It is said the ‘animal instinct’ in us is simmered down by societal pressure and had it not been for the society, the world would have been a very different place. Surprisingly, although we’re animals, traits such as compassion, calmness and patience manifest in us. These are the traits that are at arm’s length from the aggression usually associated with animals.
In retrospect, the reason why only humans managed to create a model society lies in our unique ability to think at a higher level, and that too rationally. So indirectly, we are ‘humans’ because we can ‘think’ better. In other words, the primal core of our very existence resides in our inherent nature to demonstrate logic. This is the big picture.
But can one extrapolate this significance of the brain in the realities of daily life?


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Sushil Chandra

Sushil Chandra

Senior Scientist with INMAS-DRDO ,heads Biomedical engineering.Research pertaining Cognitive Science,Biomedical Engineering and applications in defense. Several books in account.