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Delete Death

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Ayurvedsutra Vol 03 issue 03 551 - Delete Death

‘Bondage is the death, the karmic bondage. It is for this reason that when a liberated being leaves the body, at least at that time we are supposed to rejoice at his liberation. We don’t. That is our ignorance, but for him it is a moment of greatest delight – liberation from the solitary confinement in the 5-6 foot prison of the body. It is the greatest reunion, the entry into that mother silence from which s/he was born.’ – svb

We all begin in silence, pass through the music and the song of life and return to silence. Silence is eternal, the underlying stream. Life, as we know it, as a process, is only from one short end to another short end – brief. The eternal life that we speak of is the life force ever in silence. The state up to birth, and the state from the point of the so-called death, is one and the same – identical.



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