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Detach yourself… to love

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Ayurvedsutra Issue 6 Winter Special046 copy - Detach yourself… to love

I have counseled 45,000 couples, and none of them were happy. And those who are happy, I adore them. Two wheels of the same chariot can go travel the road very pleasantly. It’s difficult for a single wheel to do this. So in the world, two people can do wonders, provided they adjust, provided they understand each other.

One of the most popular spiritual teacher of our times and the founder of Himalayan Institute, Swami Rama (1925-19960) writes about love and relationship in his work “Conscious Living”.

There are two laws, the law of contraction and the law of expansion. Hate others, you are going through the law of contraction. Love all, you are going through the law of expansion. Learn to love, that is the law of expansion.

What does love mean? It means to give, without any expectation, to your own people. This is a school where you learn to give unconditionally. Then you will learn that nothing is difficult for you, nothing is difficult. First thing you should learn is to just give.


Ayurvedsutra - Issue 6 - Winter Special046

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