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From Many Lives in One Life to Perennial Life in an Individual Consciousness.

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Ayurvedsutra Vol 03 issue 0809 Summer Special 99 - From Many Lives in One Life to Perennial Life in an Individual Consciousness.

This father-in-law of my elderly friend realized in his life time, through extreme emotional suffering though, not once but twice, that the name or form of human relations is not final or changeless reality of life. Rather the quality or attribute that is constant— and is the core of all human relations— is selfless love, unconditional love. It is the testimony of God’s presence in human frame. These two emotionally agonizing episodes then opened the floodgates of understanding— of freedom from name or form of relations, thus enabling him to see through all relations and to pass through relations uncorrupted, unexploited and unbruised.

Attaining perennial life in an individual consciousness is the core of human spirituality. And to attain this state of experiential consciousness is a long drawn process. For a non-ascetic, non-renunciate common family person who has to negotiate through the web of relational life till the end, the core test of her/his increasing spiritual consciousness is whether one is able to transform all of her/his relations into Godly relations. This, in essence, means whether one is able to drop down the veil of name and form of relation with the help of an all-encompassing force of pure, unselfish, motherly love. If this happens in one’s life one is sure to have attained wisdom of many lives. This is that state of experiential consciousness about which Swami Muktananda in his famous book “Chit-Shakti Vilaas” proclaims repeatedly in the chapter “Meri Saadhan Kaal ki Anubhutiyan” (My experiences during the period of extended Meditation). He has narrated, under the heading “Chid-vilaas” (page173 to 180) the multiple expressions of the state of consciousness in which one sees, through the grace of one’s spiritual master, the expanse of one’s soul all around and in every animate and inanimate being.



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