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Not doing Ayurveda anymore?

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Sept - Not doing Ayurveda anymore?

A patient recently sent me an email saying “I’m not doing Ayurveda anymore”. Such a statement reflects that the person has failed to understand the essence of this ancient system. For, Ayurveda envisages a vision for healthy being.

Ayur means life. So, saying “I’m not doing Ayurveda anymore” means “I am dead” or “I want to die”. Some people even say “I’m doing a little Ayurveda”, which means “I am only partially alive”.
A vast majority misinterprets Ayurveda as an oil massage or some exotic Indian herb. If you require herbs, it means you have not been doing Ayurveda. Ayurveda means to live correctly to promote a long healthy life. If we live correctly we do not need medicines (or herbs) and we are “doing” Ayurveda.



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