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Taming your Inside Storm

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dec web09 - Taming your Inside Storm

Out of all, anger is the most intense emotion. It draws the whole energy and channelises it in a single stream either through speech or other physical activity. Possessed with anger, one can act beyond one’s normal physical capacity.

All the emotions have both, productive as well negative aspects. Nature has packaged us with all the necessary constituents for survival. While in exile it was Lord Rama’s sworn fury towards demons which came to the succor of the helpless Rishis, who were being brutally mass murderedalmost on daily basis in Dandakaranya. Anger is productive when one raisesvoice for a right cause and acts against unjust to protect the suppressed and helpless but the unjustified rage leads only to meaningless acrimony and disturbance.

When the Pandavas commissioned their new capital in Indraprastha and invited their Kaurava cousins for the inaugural ceremony, crown prince of Hastinapur Duryodhana,  tripped and fell in a water pool thinking it to be a floral platform. Draupadi, the queen of Indraprastha, who had hardly any love lost for him, laughed and mocked calling him as the blind son of a blind father. This didn’t go too well with temperamental  Duryodhana. He settled his score by conspiring to defeat Pandvas in the tricky game of dice rolling, of which he and his maternal uncle Shakuni were masters, and took his revenge by disrobing Draupadi in an open court after winning her as the final stake in the game. This started big animosity followed by mindless killing of millions of people in a huge strife.


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