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The Journey called Relationship

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Ayurvedsutra Vol 03 issue 06 47 b - The Journey called Relationship

In a mirror your right hand is reflected as left hand. Our worldview is like viewing an image of the world. We look at and are predominantly tuned to look at the images only believing them to be the real objects. The result is, we observe reverted object (image) believing it to be the real object, left hand is perceived as right hand and right one as left hand.



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Team Ayurved Sutra

Team Ayurved Sutra

Ayurved Sutra is a fact perfect experiential journey. It is an engagement with one’s self in the light of collective wisdom of the east, abreast with latest and worthy scientific trends and researches. Team Ayurved Sutra reports latest happenings in the area of life sciences, wellness, new age trends, society and business of life.