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Total health is not about physical fitness alone

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Ayurvedsutra Issue 536 - Total health is not about physical fitness alone

You can’t buy experience and wisdom in the super market but the company of noble, learned and experienced people guarantees their free supply in abundance. Saga Charaka and other contemporary Rishis, being aware of unruly tendencies of the mind, laid emphasis on keeping the mind under strict control by suggesting practices – which if followed lead to attainable state of total health.

To understand one’s purpose of life is a very important karmic duty. The company of immoral and faithless people should be avoided. Being jealous and holding a permanent grudge for someone is the worst kind of negative emotion.

Masters and Savants from the ancient Vedic age gave very important guidelines to stay healthy on all the three dimensions; physical, emotional and spiritual. Thousands of years back they were not only aware of the mind body connection but also knew about the impact of spiritual status on both mental as well physical healths.


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