Prevention of Diabetes with Ayurveda and Yoga

by exercising restraint with the science of yoga. Yogasana and pranayama are highly sophisticated and scientific systems which invigorate each and every internal part of the body and provide us stillness of mind. According to the World Health Organisation, in

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TEQ Triguna Energy Quotient and tamasic guna

The Triguna Energy Quotient (TEQTM) is structured as a personlity test designed to discover one’s guna composition. This personality quotient is derived from attributes of these gunas as given in chapter 13 to chapter 18 of Bhagwat Gita. After more

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Yoga and effect on Marma

Marma Therapy and Yoga are important to cure the disease and enhance the health status of the body. Directly and indirectly all yogic practices affect the marmas. Yoga asanas improves the health and tones up the body musculature. These practices

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What is common Yoga Protocol ?

What is common Yoga Protocol ?Here is a booklet prepared from Ayush resources published by Ayurved Sutra for general information. Yoga Protocol Booklet  has been prepared in consultation with leading Yoga experts and heads of the eminent Yoga Institutions of India.

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How I Live Yoga

Depending on one’s exposure, there may be a variety of different mental images when hearing the word “yoga.” Some may imagine a hot room filled with loud music and sweaty people. Others may envision a home practice in a beautiful

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Explore Multi-dimensions of Yoga

He surrendered himself to Yoga at the tender age of 12. Yoga not only helped him in overcoming his physical weakness, but enhanced his concentration levels like never before. ‘Yoga’ was not on his mind until his Yoga teacher pushed

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Workout to Cool off!

We tend to feel sluggish and all drained out during summers. Sure, it is easier to chill in the refrigerator or hang out in a pool for hours during this scorching heat, but before taking these extreme measures, why don’t

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