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Is Hatha Yoga a tantric practice?

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i1 - Is Hatha Yoga a tantric practice?

Tantra is a part of a sadhana. Hath Yoga is a term used for Yoga techniques. While hatha means ‘willful’ or ‘forceful’, its division into the two ha meaning “sun” and tha meaning “moon” refers to the balance of masculine aspects—active, hot, sun—and feminine aspects—receptive, cool, moon—within all of us.

Hatha yoga are a set of physical exercises (known as asanas or postures), and sequences of asanas, designed to align your skin, muscles, and bones. The postures are also designed to open the many channels of the body, especially the main channel, the spine—so that energy can flow freely. It is a path toward creating balance and uniting opposites. In our physical bodies, we develop a balance of strength and flexibility. We also learn to balance our effort and surrender in each pose. Hatha Yoga refers to the practice of bringing harmony to the two main energies in the human body – the energy of the moon and the energy of the sun.

Considered to be a powerful tool for self-transformation, it asks us to bring our attention to our breath, which helps us to still the fluctuations of the mind and be more present in the unfolding of each moment. It is the most widely practiced form of yoga in the world. Hatha Yoga uses postures and conscious breathing in combination with mental focus to develop awareness, strength and flexibility, and relaxation. Through proper alignment and mindful actions of the body, it brings balance, strength, and a sense of well-being to the practitioner.

It restores balance between the mind and intellect, then one’s consciousness begins to awaken. The result is a discovery of inner peace, inner contentment and mental clarity. The purpose of life becomes clearer as you will begin understanding creation. Your existence will be complemented with the feeling of spirituality, divinity and of clarity.

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