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Yoga Nindra

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Ayurvedsutra Vol 2 issue 12 21 - Yoga Nindra

Yoga nindra has immense benefits and can be used for learning the subtleties of life.

The aspirant learns to analyze of resolve all his desires, thoughts and feelings through the practice of yoga nindra. He attains a state in which he consciously learns to place his mind in deep rest. Yoga nindra cannot be translated into any other language, but for the convenience of modern students it is called “Yogic sleep”or “sleepless sleep”. This is a state of conscious sleep in which the student is in deep sleep and yet remains fully conscious. The Yogis use this technique for both sleep and meditation. The quality of rest one receives through this method is entirely different from that which is derived through ordinary sleep.

Yoga nindra is a revitalizing exercise that gives total rest of the mind, brain, nervous system, sense and body. Expect through meditation and yoga nindra, one cannot give rest to the totality of the mind. There is no drug and no scientific or physical technique so far discovered that gives rest to the unconscious part of the mind, except the technique of yoga nindra. Yoga nindra is unlike meditation because in meditation one does not seek conscious awareness of the state of deep sleep. During meditation, one learn to practice a steady and comfortable pose,  but in Yoga nindra, the corpse posture alone is recommended. Yoga nindra supports and straightens the meditational technique. Deep meditation helps the mind attain one-pointedness, while contemplation leads one to the state of constant awareness.



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