Stress and Male Infertility

In the present era, the demands of IVF center increase day by day, cases of infertility progressively increasing but  all of us  focus on the medicinal part for treatment but no one focus on the psychological part . In today’s

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Treating Lifestyle Disorders

A survey done by the World Health Organization concludes that lifestyle diseases claim 41 million lives each year. That is 70% of all deaths globally!  Over the last several decades, our diets have become non-nutritious, lifestyles have become sedentary and

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Diabetes: A Lifestyle Syndrome

Ayurveda being the “Science of holistic living & Art of natural healing” considers the both exogenous and endogenous origin of the disease in the management for the sustained protection from the chronic conditions such as diabetes. Some authorities had compared

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Amalgamation of Ayurveda and Modern Medicine is the Key

He conceptualized the idea that Ayurveda can play a big role in chronic cardiac disease. He used his education in modern medicine and undertook a meticulous research into Ayurveda. Extensive experimentation and delving deeper into every minute aspect of his

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Treating diabetes & Healing the Body with Sujok Therapy

In this era of accelerating changes in technology a novel method of rapid natural healing appeared. Sujok therapy is the most advanced form of natural treatment that combines ancient knowledge and modern logic. This modern combination created an extremely powerful

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Leucoderma is completely curable with Ayurveda

Till few years back only 1% of world’s population was suffering from Leucoderma or vitiligo. Before it could further effect the generations to come, AIMIL Healthcare and Research Centre with defense Agricultural Research laboratory (DARL) a wing of Defence Research

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You can prevent Diabetic retinopathy if you change your lifestyle

Prevent Diabetic retinopathy People with diabetes are more prone to develop glaucoma but most dreaded, and vision-threatening complication of diabetes in the eye is diabetic retinopathy in long-standing cases of diabetes.  Diabetes mellitus is a lifestyle-related problem. Sedentary lifestyle, lack

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Prevention of Diabetes with Ayurveda and Yoga

by exercising restraint with the science of yoga. Yogasana and pranayama are highly sophisticated and scientific systems which invigorate each and every internal part of the body and provide us stillness of mind. According to the World Health Organisation, in

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Preventing the trouble not yet come

I have stated above that diabetes is the disease caused by deformation of agni or digestive fire or metabolism. Agni is disturbed due to bad quality digestive secretion caused due to kapha vikriti at specific places. We have been provided

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