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Ayurveda has no proof of effectiveness in treating Cancer , says Dr Ramchandra

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cancer - Ayurveda has no proof of effectiveness in treating Cancer , says  Dr Ramchandra

Bangalore/New Delhi. Dr C Ramachandra , the director of  Kidwai Memorial Institute of Oncology, Bangalore  is not happy with Ayurvedic treatment of cancer. He wants to shut down the ayurveda unit of the government run Kidwai institute as , “ No ayurvedic drug has proven to be effective in cancer treatment.”  This unit was created under a MoU with AYUSH in 2017. The MoU is about to expire in March 2019 and Dr Ramachandra is in no way satisfied with the experiments and doesn’t wish to allow Ayurveda to use the serious patients as guinea pigs.

There is no problem with Meditation and Yoga and he has respect for Ayurveda , but  he feels that there is no proof of effectiveness of Ayurvedic medicines in cancer so far.  He told, as one newspaper, Times of India reported, Stage 1 cancer is treatable but we have no proof that treatment alone with Ayurveda can cure this.

There is need to know the ingredients and their scientific proofs. Yoga and meditation are opted by patients in palliative care units. Some  Ayurvedic experts don’t agree with Dr Ramachandra. “Has allopathy alone done any charisma in treating upper stage cancer so far? You have to be rational and experiments are ought to be done in proper framework”, said one senior Ayush practitioner   in Delhi.

It is believed that MoU could be reviewed and extended as Ayush department has its own views.


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