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Dealing with Greeshma

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Ayurvedsutra Vol 03 issue 0809 Summer Special 33 - Dealing with Greeshma

‘SUMMER’ word originates from Old English sumor, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch zomer, German Sommer, also to Sanskrit samā ‘year’.

In Sanskrit samā refers to half of the year/ weather/ seassson.

In  Ayurveda , Grishma ritu is considered as  Aadana Kala of the year, when the sun is in uttarayana(north of the equator).

During uttarayana, the tikshna(sharp)-ushna(hot)-ruksha(dry) properties of the sun and air increases which undoubtedly weakens the saumya bhaava of Earth . These atmospheric changes affect the human body (and all organisms) causing a gradual decrease in vitality and strength.



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