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Herbs Maintaining the Equilibrium

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Ayurvedsutra Vol 03 issue 0809 Summer Special 24 - Herbs Maintaining the Equilibrium

As Ayurveda highlights more on way of living than the disease management, it explains the dos and don’ts in each season to maintain optimum health. Let us see in brief about the seasons, especially about summer and herbs used during this season.

A calendar year can witnesses the march of six seasons, each consisting of two months.

Sisira (Late Winter) – magha and Phalguna (January to march), Vasantha (spring) – caitra and vaishakha (March to May), Greeshma (summer) – jyestha and ashada (May to July), Varsha (Monsoon or Rainy Season) – Shravana and Bhadrapada (July to September), Sharad (autumn) – ashvayuja and kartik (September to January), Hemantha (Early Winter) – margashirsha and paushya (November to January). Each of these are identified depending on their association with the characteristic environmental factors.



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