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The pulse of Naadi

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ayurved cover copy2 - The pulse of Naadi

Ayurved Sutra | Regular Edition | Vol. 1 | Issue 7 | On the Cover : The pulse of Naadi.

Many ayurvedic scholars, physicians and historians hold the view that naadi-pariksa of the Ayurveda is not indigenous (classical) but exotic in origin. About the country of its origin, opinions vary from China, Tibet, Greece to Arab countries. Some of them, to be safe, suggest that it may have originated from China, gone to Greece and from there come to Arab countries, and thereafter, with Muslim physicians under the patronage of Muslim rulers, came to India, where it is practiced even today. Though not supported by facts, this type of misleading conclusions are incorporated into text-books and taught in Ayurvedic colleges even now.


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