The Magic Brush

Once opon a time, there was a young man called Ma Lian. He was poor and kind and helped a rich man to tend cattle. He liked drawing and drew pictures everywhere. On night, he dreamed that an old man

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There is NO LIMIT

You do not know how to train the totality of the mind and the different functions of the mind. A vast part of the mind remains buried in the unknown. Patanjali makes you aware of your mind first, because it

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Search of Sukh: A Vedic view

There are words in our tradition which are not translatable into English or other European languages. Sukh cannot be translated as happiness. The famous Shloka of the Bhagavad Gita: Sukh-dukhe samekritva, labhalabho jai jayo; cannot be translated as ‘Be unperturbed

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MIND-ITATION : The Mind’s Medicine

Why meditation is hailed as an anchor to the ship of enlightenment and well being is because it is processed to be a source of spiritual peace across all mediums. But is that the complete picture? It certainly isn’t. Eyes

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Rare are the apostles who proclaim that yoga is precisely to help you lose weight and detoxify, and in the process, it could enlighten you. This is a question that several yoga teachers, practitioners and studio owners have at the

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Ayurvedic Concept of skin

In Charaka Samhita, Twacha (the word Twacha means skin) is defined as that which covers the body from outside. Anatomically. Acharya Charaka has described 6 layers and the corresponding diseases of the skin. Anatomical description, Charaka has also described the

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Life on earth is nasty, brutish and short – for all of us. The dominant genes of the human accentuate nastiness to such an extreme that people who do good, especially for other species, are seen as idealistic oddities or

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Coco Lagoon

Coco Lagoon by Great Mount Resort is a first-of-its-kind opulent nature resort located in the pollution-free climes of Pollachi. It is truly one-of-its-kind holiday resort in the vicinity of Coimbatore. The resort is built with nicely blended vintage and trendy

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Life begins at 82

Life begins the day a man is born. But that is a physical existence and it is same for all. Actually, the real life begins the day when one realises his potential and starts taking optimum advantage from it. Here is the story

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Are we on the right path?

Several research studies have shown that despite being much wealthier in terms of money, resources, and facilities that we have today, we are actually no happier than we were five decades ago. The primary reason for this, as per these

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