Aging does not take place simultaneously in all tissues

Aging is determined by lifestyle, dietary habits, mental makeup, and even environmental factors in addition to the genetic factors. Faulty dietary habits, lifestyle, and stressful living may wrongly influence one’s biological aging which is the sole indicator of health and

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Food for Attaining a Disease Free State

In the present times, with a fast paced and an improper lifestyle, it has become quite necessary to follow a particular regime and a diet which imparts longevity and helps in building up the strength to fight against the diseases.

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Ayushmaan Bhava!!

Our elders are often heard blessing us with a long life “Ayushmaan bhava” or “Deerghayushmaan bhava” or “Shataayu Bhavah!” which means: “May you live a hundred years!” The blessing is not too removed from the literal. According to ayurveda, the

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Food recipes for longevity

There are many types of rasayana like food, herbs, exercises, various procedures like massage etc. and meditation also. If we choose proper rasayana according to our age, season, constitution, country we all can achieve longevity and live happily. If we

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What is the Purpose of Life?

If you were very blissful and ecstatic at this moment, would you think, “What is the purpose of life?” – No. Only when in some way, life has become burdensome, these questions arise: “To be or not to be?” “Is

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Yoga a Winning over Death

Study of the Yoga texts, especially the Hatha Yogic ones, makes it clear that this traditional science has given a lot of thought on health and longevity.  It is true that entire system of Yoga aims at winning over death,

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The rich tradition of Bengal has contributed in the field of Ayurveda Since Gupta period (4th Century AD). Along with time different schools of thoughts for practicing Ayurveda emerged in different parts of Bengal. Numbers of scholars and commentators have

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Booti of the Month : Guduchi/Amrita

It is described as the nectar creeper “Amritavalli” which signifies its use for revitalisation and its importance in Ayurveda. It is considered as the wonder drug, as it possess immense medicinal value and acts on the body and removes the

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Look for the Signs

Many people find the unwritten rules of etiquette in flirting difficult to follow. The Natural History Museum had an exhibition called ‘Sexual Nature’ in which they taught humans, from the wealth of knowledge accumulated from research by zoologists, how to

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