Inn and Palace

A revered Zen teacher once approached the king’s palace late at night. The guards did not stop him as he made his way inside to where the king was seated upon his throne. The king recognized him too. “Welcome, sir.

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Prayers and Meditations

Although my whole being is in theory consecrated to Thee, O Sublime Master, who art the life, the light and the love in all things, I still find it hard to carry out this consecration in detail. It has taken

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Health and Disease

Ayurveda has given a complete definition of health that comprises the state of complete physical, mental, spiritual and social well being. The definition of health stated by the WHO is also inspired by the Ayurvedic concept of health.  Ayurveda states

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Be a Purusharthy

Dharm, Arth, Kama, and Moksha – these are the four essential pursuits that are necessary to live a successful, righteous and fulfilling life. Though these are propounded in the Vedas, the fundamental fact remains that it is true for any

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Our rituals and traditions are scientific

He carries the legacy of three generations of dedicatedly working towards the growth and promotion of Ayurveda. He holds his expertise in drug development and is the recipient of UGC Career Award, ISCA Young Scientist Award and DBT Technology Transfer

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Healthy Recipes

“Health is wealth” we have heard about this saying a lot,but in our busy lives we have forgotten the concept of healthy living and healthy eating. Eating a balanced diet impacts our health and immunity in the long run at

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