Lifestyle Diseases: Moderation is the key

Lifestyle diseases are those diseases that we bring on to ourselves by the way we live. And these include most commonly: hypertension, stroke, atherosclerosis, heart diseases and diabetes. Unfortunately, instead of decreasing, this list is constantly increasing over the years.

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Stress and Male Infertility

In the present era, the demands of IVF center increase day by day, cases of infertility progressively increasing but  all of us  focus on the medicinal part for treatment but no one focus on the psychological part . In today’s

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Once a sage was passing through market place. On his way he saw a man selling dates (Khajur). Seeing him, Sage thought for a while about eating those dates but then he controlled his desire and left but later at

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Ayurveda Yoga and the Policy makers

Can we hope that we make Ayurveda our main system of medicine and allopathic system only for emergencies? Can we think beyond BAMS and on real Ayurveda which is attached to mother earth, our rivers, our trees, our grasses and

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Treating Lifestyle Disorders

A survey done by the World Health Organization concludes that lifestyle diseases claim 41 million lives each year. That is 70% of all deaths globally!  Over the last several decades, our diets have become non-nutritious, lifestyles have become sedentary and

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Diabetes: A Lifestyle Syndrome

Ayurveda being the “Science of holistic living & Art of natural healing” considers the both exogenous and endogenous origin of the disease in the management for the sustained protection from the chronic conditions such as diabetes. Some authorities had compared

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Amalgamation of Ayurveda and Modern Medicine is the Key

He conceptualized the idea that Ayurveda can play a big role in chronic cardiac disease. He used his education in modern medicine and undertook a meticulous research into Ayurveda. Extensive experimentation and delving deeper into every minute aspect of his

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Treating diabetes & Healing the Body with Sujok Therapy

In this era of accelerating changes in technology a novel method of rapid natural healing appeared. Sujok therapy is the most advanced form of natural treatment that combines ancient knowledge and modern logic. This modern combination created an extremely powerful

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